Low Carb for Type 1 Diabetes

Hi Potential Course Participant,

The team at Low Carb Down Under is launching an online type 1 diabetes course. The main aim is to help people living with type 1 as well as those who support them, to better understand the science and practice of eating LCHF (low carb higher fat). A second aim is to develop a library of stories, experiences and resources to share with online diabetes communities.

From enrollment you have 6 months to complete tyhis course of 8 lessons 

An estimated time required is 5 to 10 hours, though you could choose to put in more time than this if you wished.

The cost is $40 Australian dollars (approx $30 US dollars). 

Here is the outline of the course:

Tell your own story (or that of the adult or child you support) of how you have learned about this condition, and how you manage it in 200 to 1000 words (or more if you must!)

We will share your stories and other answers with all other course participants online who submit stories. You may like to use a pseudonym (a made up name or nickname) if that enables you to be share your story and contributions more easily.

Complete an initial online MCQ of 15 questions (this can be repeated as many times as needed until you achieve a score of 90% or higher)

Answer questions from a youtube video (14 minutes) by Dr Troy Stapleton

Answer 4 questions in short answer format. Topics will include gluconeogenesis, HbA1c, continuous glucose monitoring and diabetic ketoacidosis. Complex answers are not necessary for these topics.

Locate and copy some nominated summary points from a diabetes scientific paper. (Optional, and not difficult!))

Describe the pluses and minuses of the care you have received on your diabetes journey thus far.

Describe how you would advise an adult (or parents of a child) who has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Write a short summary of what you have taken from the course and what could be improved for this and more advanced courses.

As this course progresses we will introduce some more complex questions for those who want more challenge!

You will need to submit all your work electronically to our online platform.

We will share participants’ responses by email.

You will receive a certificate of completion once you have done all the compulsory components.

We look forward to lots of you engaging with this course!



Rod Tayler and the Low Carb Down Under team

Course Syllabus

Low Carb Type 1 Diabetes

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