Low Carb Introductory Course

Hi Visitor or Course Participant,

The team at Low Carb Down Under are launching an online course. The aim is to help people get to understand the science and practice behind eating the LCHF (low carb higher fat) style of eating. The course also contains an optional side arm to help participants move towards achieving their own individual goals.

The full course of 10 lessons will run for about 6 weeks, with the option of continuing connection and follow up after that.

An estimated time required is 5 to10 hours, though you could choose to put in more time than this if you wished.

Note, that although the course has 2019/20 in the web address, it is still current for 2021.

For this 10 lesson course the cost is $60 Australian dollars (approx $50 US dollars)

There will be the opportunity to network online with others on the same course as you.

Here is the outline of the course:

Course of 10 Lessons

  • tell your own nutrition story and set out your goals in 100 to 500 words. You may like to use a pseudonym (made up or nickname) if that enables you to be share your story and contributions more easily during the course. 
  • complete an initial online MCQ of 15 questions (this can be repeated as many times as needed until you achieve a score of 90% or higher)
  • answer questions from 3 youtube videos of Dr Steve Phinney, Dr Jason Fung and Nina Teicholz
  • answer 3 questions in short answer format (online links will be provided to help as needed), topics will include definitions of gluconeogenesis, metabolic syndrome, and ketogenic diets
  • measure your blood glucose daily for a week. We will provide you with a glucose meter and strips if you don’t have one, for a cost of $45 includes postage in Australia, higher cost for other countries. (Note: this requirement could be left out if it is not to your liking!!)
  • intermittent fast on at least 5 days (your call on the fasting period of each of the 5 days) and describe your experience
  • complete a second online MCQ of 60 questions (can be repeated as many times as needed until you achieve a score of 90% or higher)
  • locate and copy some nominated summary points from a  scientific paper (200 to 1000 words)
  • you will need to submit all your work electronically to our online platform
  • we will have online discussion groups to share information and progress
  • we are using Zippy Course software to run the course.
  • write a short summary of what you have taken from the course and what could be improved for this and more advanced courses


Dr Rod Tayler and the Low Carb Down Under team

(You are welcome to email us at lowcarbdownunder@gmail.com with any queries)

Course Syllabus

Introduction to LCHF

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