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Hi Visitor or Course Participant,

The team at Low Carb Down Under is launching two online courses. The aim is to help people get to understand the science and practice behind eating the LCHF (Low Carb Higher Fat) style of eating. The course also contains an optional side arm to help participants move towards achieving their own individual goals.

This course is the general one:


A second course is pitched at people with type 1 diabetes, or people supporting an adult or a child with type 1 diabetes. See: 


You will need to submit all your work electronically to our online platform

We will have online discussion groups to share information and progress

We are using Zippy Course software to run the course. This links with the Low Carb Down Under website.

We look forward to connecting with those of you who choose these courses!

Dr Rod Tayler and the Low Carb Down Under Team

(You are welcome to email us at lowcarbdownunder@gmail.com with any queries)